Real estate seems to be the buzz of the moment, little wonder why some would cite it as the ever green industry. Inasmuch as this industry tends to be the rave of the moment, just like any other business, there are also difficulties in landing that first client. Also, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that there is also a stiff competition. However, there are some tips to help you attract commercial real estate clients in 2019 that will ensure you a share of the Real estate industry.

In order to feed my readers with the right information on how to attract real estates clients in 2019, I decided to host a friend of mine who is a successful Real Estate Consultant. I told him how interested I was in the real estate business, and out of friendship’s sake, he obliged to share some hints with me which I will be sharing with you today. So just sit tight and make the most out of this post.

Now lets consider the following 5 ways on how to attract commercial real estate clients in 2019.

Get Your profile on Commercial Listings

Chances are that you own a local Real Estate Firm and as such, would want to benefit from local searches. Listing your business on Google Maps would avail you the much-needed exposure to potential clients who might want to do some local look-up on your business. Furthermore, if you’re a registered Real Estate Agent, listing your profile on CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and LoopNet should be a priority. The above-mentioned listing avenues are professional organisations that give you the exposure to millions of potential clients who use their search engines for real estate related transactions.

Create a Dedicated Website

As a Real Estate Agent, you probably wouldn’t fancy the option of starting out with a physical presence(office), therefore owning a website becomes a viable choice. A website establishes an online presence which exposes your services to the online sphere. In this case, a portfolio website is ideal where you have to display your services and images of your real estate properties. With drag and drop platform like WIX, you’re able to own a website without even having to pay a web-designer.

Use Social Media Marketing (SSM)

Having this point at the top of our list wouldn’t be out of place. SSM is unarguably one of the best and free way to go beyond a closed circle to expanding one’s horizon. With the viral nature of the Social Media, your chances of getting in front of your potential clients are quite higher. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allows you add up or follow and be added or followed by potential clients. Also, these platforms also avail you the opportunity of pitching to your competitors’ audience and with a good value proposition, you might end up converting some of these clients. LinkedIn is also a platform with an extremely huge advantage to Real Estate Agents. It allows the opportunity of connecting with targeted business communities where vital information is exchanged.

Make an Authority out of Yourself

In addition to owning a website, integrating a blog or even creating a standalone one would be an added advantage. A blog allows you share contents to your readers. Detailed information and regular updates about various locations, news updates, et cetera give your readers the feeling of you as an authority in the Real Estate niche. Also, creating a travel section on your blog with regular updates on free travel guides to different locations, would be a way to earn the trust of travelers and tourists among your readers. These sets of individuals are well known to be potential Real Estate clients.

Do the Search

One other way of outsmarting your competition is by going out in search of clients. By this, you don’t necessarily have to scout or knock the door of every individual or business in your locality in search of a Real Estate client. With review listings from the likes of eBay, Craigslist and even the real estate section of your local newspaper, you could find people who are in dire need of selling and owning a property. From these searches you eventually would end closing up on a potential client.

Conclusively, In order to attract commercial real estate clients in 2019, the consideration of the highlighted points is really important. Though not holistic enough, but a thorough research would be necessary to edge the competition as it continues to grow stiffer. In addition, a well laid out Social Media Management Strategy would go a long way to boosting you Real Estate Business and also giving you much needed exposure.