If you would like to drive more visitors to a specific page on your blog, then I recommend you make use of the AddThis link promotion tools; free powerful tools that can increase website conversions.

AddThis currently offers three types of link promotion tools – popup, banner and slider but the popup link promotion tool is my favourite simply because it gets the most attention.

This tool has really helped me in driving more traffic to my blog post where I promote opening of payoneer account in Nigeria and this makes it easy for me to earn from the Payoneer “refer a friend” promotion.

Creating a link promotion pop up is super easy at AddThis.com. It’s as simple as adding a new tool > link building > popup.

You will be required to enter the URL you want to promote; enter the headline and buttons texts and choose if it should popup when a visitor wants to “exit”, after the visitor have been on your site for some seconds or after viewing specified number of pages.

AddThis link promotion tool alows you to customize your popup with custom colour, background image with just a few clicks and you can even show or hide the popup on specific pages.

With AddThis analytics, you will be able to see the number of conversions and CTR within a date range. You will also be able to see the list of the top pages on your site that are driving the most conversions. You will also be able to see the number of conversions from desktop and mobile.

Below is one of the link promotion popups that I have created by making use of AddThis link promotion tool.

 If you would like to increase traffic to other parts of your site and decrease bounce rate, try AddThis link promotion tool.