The Key to successful Blogging is driving website traffic to your blog because without traffic you can not possibly make it as a blogger. many bloggers do think of how to get website traffic daily some do find it difficult while others find it easy to drive traffic because they understand almost all the strategies for traffic generation.

Without Controversy Keywords research is the first step to getting better organic traffic and this step every blogger must Adhere if you must succeed as a blogger. But did you know that even with your keywords research you can still get things wrong without a better analytics?.

Here in my Blog i Teach what i practice and i practice what i teach. I have learnt that when doing your keywords research without knowing the keywords difficulty you may end up blogging a keyword with low competition and yet you won’t rank for it because some keywords have low competition but they possess high difficulty and such keywords could be extremely difficult to rank for.

Let me teach You something you may not know”””

What Is Keyword Difficulty Tool

The Keyword Difficult tool is an online tool which show you how difficult a keyword is to be ranked for when you blog about such keywords.

There are some keywords that are extremely difficult to rank for simply because some tight bloggers out there have strongly targeted those keywords and there is no way you can blog such keywords and come up on googles first page unless those blogs with such keywords seize to exist.

Without the keywords difficulty tool you can not possibly find out such keywords and if you target a keyword without knowing how difficult the keyword is to be ranked for then you are like a blind man because you may end up achieving a less ranking.