About Emarec
Emarec, is an affiliated Company, officially registered in Nigeria under the supervision of itg multibiz internet services NO.2644013.
Our company offers real monthly income of ₦5,760. The funds of our investors are reinvested in the Financial Market, where we guarantee investors payments.
With state-of-the-art technology and a fully responsive website, you can access Emarec by Computer, Tablet and Mobile from anywhere in the world.
Emarec offers an excellent Referral Commission and a Marketing System, which pays commission of ₦9,000 on each person referred.

Emarec Differentials:

– It’s simple – You start earning monthly immediately you pay a one time fee of ₦10,800 ($30);

– Your monthly earning is ₦5,760 ($16);

– Your referral commission is ₦9,000 ($25) and payed to you instantly on same day;

– No delay in payment;

– A registered company in Nigeria under the supervision of Itg Multibit Internet Services;

– We guarantee your earning monthly;

NOTE: If you refer anyone within the space of a month and you receive a referral commission, you’re not entitle to get monthly payment for that month, but if there’s any month that you couldn’t refer anyone you get paid for that month. (YOU REFER, YOU GET ₦9,000 PAID SAME DAY!……… YOU DON’T REFER YOU GET ₦5,760 PAID, SO REFERRAL NOT COMPULSORY!)