Thick and luscious hair is something that every woman want. After all, it is a sign of good health and beauty. However, to maintain your hair and scalp is not as easy as to say about. Pollution, dullness, dust, all are making our hair damage and leading to hair loss. And what about split ends. These are the major problem when we talk about hair loss and roughness of hair. Very few people are satisfied with the volume of their hair. Some are also in trouble with the texture of their hair. Many things can be responsible for making our hair thin, rough, dull.

Do you know that having an itchy and dry hair scalp is a sign of weak, dull and damaged hair? You may use to shampoo your hair every day, but still, you might have an itchy scalp. So, it is necessary to get the solution to hair loss problem. Let us check out the information given in this article related to hair. I am sure that after getting this information you are going to be surprised.


So, let us read and find out the ways that can help you to improve your health and also the condition of your hair and scalp


If you are continuously facing hair loss problem in the certain regions of your scalp, then you should get aware and consult a trichologist as soon as possible. It should not be taken lightly at all because having bald patches on your head is not a healthy thing. However, it is common to lose hair at the old age, but still, the hair is not lost, or they do not fall from a specific region of the scalp. This type of hair loss is commonly referred to as Alopecia Areata. And this lead because of many causes that everyone should be aware of.

 Causes are:

  • Undergoing an intense amount of anxiety or stress may lead to this condition.
  • Suffering from various auto-immune diseases like infections and STDs. In this condition, your own immune system begins to attack your hair follicles.
  • Many thyroid problems like hypothyroidism can also cause your body to lose hair in this way.

Alopecia Areata is not like the baldness pattern. It is very different from Androgenetic Alopecia ( a type of baldness pattern ). However, you should not go panic if you are suffering from any hair loss in this way. Consulting a trichologist at the right time may help you to regrow your hair with proper treatments.


Having brittle or weak hair that usually keeps appearing on your hairbrush is a sign that your body might be lacking in some minerals that are essential for your body. Often, we have a misconception that hair fall is due to initial lack of iron in the body. However, you do not know that lack of chromium, zinc, potassium, and even deficiency of magnesium can also be the reason for hair fall.

  • For this problem, it is beneficial to consult a dietician. It might be helpful to you. You can discuss your nutritional deficiencies with them, and you will find the best ways to improve your diet and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • You should try to maintain a proper diet and live a balanced lifestyle. Those are pure vegetarians should take care that they are making the appropriate amount of iron in their food. To prevent the deficiency of iron, choose beans, dry fruits and green vegetables like spinach. They will help you to remove the lack of iron from the body.


Having dry hair always does not mean that you are having any health-related issues. It might be due to some external factors like more exposure to the sun or use of some harmful chemicals containing shampoos or conditioners. However, you might take care of some facts that can help you to prevent dry hair;

  • Using an anti-dandruff shampoo can cause dryness to your hair. They might be helpful to remove dandruff from your hair. But the harmful chemicals present in them take away all the moisture from your hair.
  • Another shampoo that makes your hair dry are those who make your dyed hair to look bright and fresh. The harmful chemical in high concentration is present in them absorbs all the moisture from your hair and make them look dry.
  • Other factors like spending most of the time in the sun, being exposed to pollution, or chewing tobacco, are some of the reasons also that are responsible for making our hair dry. To regain the moisture of your scalp, use coconut or any other oil. And proper massaging should be done of these oil on the scalp.


People link up an itchy scalp with lice or any dermatological problem. But this is not the main reason for itchy scalp. In fact, the primary reason that causes an itchy scalp is a stress. Stress is the primary factor that is responsible for making the scalp itchy. However, stress can be of the two types;

  • Recurrent stress: We have gone with this type of stress in our daily life. When we are having a lot of weight due to exams or lot of work, then we have a high pressure on our mind that makes our scalp itchy. This type of stress might cause your metabolism to change, which in turn, causes many changes in your body and hair too.
  • Post-traumatic stress: This is the type of stress that is mainly caused by the loss of the loved one. Whenever anyone loses their loved ones, the levels of cortisol hormone increases in no small amount. Cortisol is a stress hormone. In addition to itchy scalp caused by this type of stress, you will also found that your hair has become grey.

So, these were quite enough to tell you that your hair speaks a lot about your health. They tell us that if there is lack of any minerals or not in the body, the shampoo you are using is healthy or not, as well as about your emotions, which what you are feeling at that time. So, to keep your hair healthy, make sure that you are taking a proper diet as well as avoiding stress.