20bids is an app that promised to offer free 500mb for its members.

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20bids is an app that promises to give free call to everyone with data or Wi-Fi. You can make voice call, group video call and share multimedia files with total highest encryption.


20BIDS.COM is a platform that review products online from market places like ebay, amazon, etsy, alibaba, takealot, jumia, etc. We’ve partner with these eCommerce companies to bring more value to various categories of product, i.e brands of essential products the ones we deem fit as evergreen product which are always in demand.

Our aim is to provide consumers all the information’s they need to know about their favorite essential products ranging from gadgets, electronics, computing essentials to fashion, health & care, etc.
Our review platform works on shared contribution of user feedback and activities in which we offer to pay you for your regular online activities in promoting and creating constant awareness for our listed products and by which your feedback is always a part of the product ratings. To say thank you we’ve integrated a system you can make residual income for been part of the process.

How do we mean?: how do you earn from a promotion you didn’t buy? simple, publicize it (share it on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, telegram, etc ), by so doing you can earn a residual income about $150 per month, you earn $1.5 Referral Rewards bonus for inviting a friend, also you earn 20% from the commission paid for the product when you purchase products through us; yea, we pay you for buying through our website.
You can leverage our rewards and bonus model to earn residual income for using 20bids. We’ve taken the liberty of integrating various model that can earn daily income for participating in different part of our services. As a means of connected group your task as listed below has it own rewards which can earn you money at your comfort.

You can earn residual income from 20BIDS in a couple of ways:

  1. You can earn $150 a month sharing products. In the share bonus you earn more than $20 per day, you can share 20 items in 1 hour and you can share for 20 hours a day, you can earn up to $150 or more per month.
  2. You earn $1.5 plus free Data subscription for every individual you refer to the platform and you can withdraw immediately referred user account is activated
  3. You earn 20% commission from the commission paid for the product you purchased and you can withdraw your gift bonuses once your order is confirmed from any of our market place partners
  4. You can earn $250 per month posting trendy products from our partners online market places to our website, once your post is verified and activated you can withdraw your bonuses before the 30th of every month.
  5. You can earn up to $1000 for becoming our agent, earn passive income by aiding us spread our services across the world. Make payment easy by providing a peer to peer payment solution for users in your country and we reward you with an instant commission per transaction done under you.

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