Experiencing slow network speed on Glo Nigeria and you feel like boosting the speed? We’ve provided an instant solution that will help you in getting an extra speed on your network.

Have you been experiencing slow internet coverage from Glo network? You can now boost the speed of your network with the help of this article.

Globacom is the Grandmaster of Data plans because they offers affordable and flexible internet plans for their customers. This has made customers to love the network but there’s a deal breaker which is the NETWORK SPEED.

Customers have been complaining about the epilepsy network the telecom is offering them but still yet, Glo has kept silence. This is bad, you know!

You can see the screenshot above where customers are dearly complaining about the slow network.

But be happy, there is a solution!

The solution is about using a VPN to boost your network speed and wonderfully, this can also be done on other networks that their speed suddenly dropped down.


STEP 1: Purchase a data plan from Glo by dialling *777# or see from their bouquets of data plans.

STEP 2: Then, download Psiphon Mobile app and connect without inputting any settings.

STEP 3: Then, connect.

That’s all you need to do to boost your Glo network speed. Since you have internet connection and the data connection sign is out on your phone’s notification bar, you can simply connect using a VPN and feel an extra speed.

Note: Other Internet-based VPNs can also be used to boost an extra speed but only one VPN is required.

I hope this helps, drop your comment for instant solution.