Am sure you’re expecting the same thing other bloggers do write but in this article am going to make it different from what others does. I won’t write exactly what you’ve been reading over and over again from other blogs. Let’s introduce a new initiative.

This is Practically How i make money from my Blog.
FIRST: Just like you know, i love writing valuables and because of these valuables , Lot’s folks do sponsor posts on this Blog. You can also earn from your Blog via sponsored posts.

What is sponsored posts?
This is when brands, companies and individuals come to you to publish their articles on your blog. You only charge them for publishing but in most cases, they will demand you write the articles with extra charge. one example of such sponsored articles which i got paid to write and published on this Blog is Babylon Traffic Review.

No body will pay you to publish their posts on your blog if you’re doing nonsensical blogging. that’s Blogging without vision and value. Before you can start making money from sponsored posts, you must grow your blog first.

SECOND: Create your own Products. Having grown your blog audience and if you know you render value to them don’t you think they are ever ready to buy whatever you offer for sale?

Here’s my product and i have made many sales because my audience love my way of doing things. they know i will always offer the best of all kind.

Don’t lauch any product if you don’t offer value in the lives of your readers because no one will buy from you. They’re like “if he can’t even write nice articles to answer our questions how then are we sure his products will help”.

On the other note, if you’re a blogger with value, what are the things people are willing to pay for within your niche which you know you can do better why not make a product out of it and sell to your audience.

THIRD: Sell Your Skills: Sure you can put your skills for market and you will surely get sales.

I have learnt to create PayPal account which can send and receive funds worldwide without limitations so i am marketing my skills on Paypal Nigeria and without doubt i have made good Money from it.

I have learnt to create Blogs so i do market my skill here too for those who wanna create their own blogs to hire me. am sure you have sighted that on my sidebar.

I have learnt to write articles worth reading and many do hire me to write on their Blogs because i advertise my skills to the world. What about you. Don’t you think you can use your blog as a power of driving traffic to your sales pages and marketing your skills.? it’s left for you and how strategic you’re.

FOURTH: I promote other peoples services. You’ve seen me writing reviews on income programs like WAKANDA NNU, Blog9ja, NewsPay, Bank Alert, and many more…

Am promoting their services while i also earn my commission. Am also sure you’ve seen me in many occasions recommending domainKing hosting in my posts. Am promoting their services while i also earn my commission.

For you to make money from Blogging, It’s either you create your own products or you make and market your own products.

FIFTH: Advertisements ; You can also make money from your blog by placing ads like Google AdSense but i don’t advice you depend on this. You can use it as additional income source but not as major income source.

I won’t talk much on this since i didn’t recommend it. However, you can give it a try because what didn’t work for others might work for you and that which works for you might not work for others.