Most of us use public bathroom/toilets either in our offices,school or stay in hotel rooms, but do you really know who is watching you when you think you are alone? this post is not to scare you anyway but to enlighten you.

Technology has made lives easier, no doubt, but there is also a dark side, people might not realize until it is too late, there are people monitoring others by engaging in criminal activities and it can be as easy as installing a hook.

while these may look like ordinary hooks, they are mostly used for a darker purpose.

Notice the double hooks, which are not usually the standard in coat hooks.
Anything look a little off to you?

They can be easily attached to any wall in the home or places like a public bathroom, and you probably wouldn’t even give them a second thought.

But be warned — if you see this in a public bathroom or a hotel room, please leave immediately and call the authorities.

So what’s the big deal about an innocent-looking hook?

Because hidden inside this wall hook is a tiny camera that records people in the bathroom, hotel rooms, and change rooms.

Women in particular have been recorded while in the shower or changing without their knowing.

They’re privacy is completely violated, and they aren’t even aware of it.
Pretty horrifying, right?

Doesn’t it make you think back to every hotel room you’ve ever stayed in and wonder if you were secretly being watched?

Shockingly, these sneaky little cameras are easy to find and even easier to install.

The camera comes with a charger and transfer cable, and the hook is like any other found at a hardware store.

The camera records video and audio through the small hole at the top.

Often times, the footage from the camera end up on the Internet for the world to see without the knowledge of the person featured in it.

Want to know what makes it even creepier?

These wireless cameras can be recorded remotely, and the wireless remote control works through walls.

So someone could be watching the footage as close as the next room.
That’s enough to make you never want to check into a hotel again.

One thing you might notice is that it’s set somewhere in a room that is out of place.

While they were originally created to increase security around your home, in the hands of the wrong people, they can make it easy to prey on unsuspecting victims.

Thankfully, knowledge is power.