If you are looking for best innovative business ideas to start your own business in 2019 then, you can go ahead and read this full article.

Innovative Business Ideas to Start Your Own Business in 2019

In this article, we will show you some best innovative businesses that you can start in 2019.

1. Online Teaching with Scribble Videos.

Now a days all new generation are already aware with scribble and animated videos. If you’re well experienced, educated and skilled about any particular topic then, you can explore your knowledge via making scribble videos. You can teach your online students with your animated scribble videos.

Take your fees according to monthly membership or annual. This is one of the best innovative business ideas to start your own business in 2019.

2. Multi mobile sim card Hotspot Device.

Multi simcard hotspot device is a good idea that you can go for startup in 2019. Many mobile companies are providing those internet services at cheap cost.

If you make this type of device then, people love to use this device to use internet services of all companies. To make this product you have to be talented and educated about IT, electronic and electrical engineering section. You can get help from some experts too.

3. Automatic Pizza Making Machine.

Pizza is a all time favorite fast food that every person eat. Think about to make a little machine where pizza will be made automatically within 20 to 30 minutes?

Think about it. Research all it on internet and go for making this type of device. If you make affordable pizza making machine then, billions of people are ready to buy it from you.

4. Book Reading Robot.

No one want to read books loudly. Many people are lazy to read books. Also, old people doesn’t have that much concentration about reading books.

So, you can create a robot who can scan pages and read that page aloud with good text to speech voice. This is one of the most innovative business idea from these 10 innovative business ideas to start your own business in 2019.

5. Time management & scheduling device.

Time management & scheduling device means, you have to make one electronic LED screen device in which you have to program all time management software’s and scheduling tasks.

It is just dedicated to manage your time effectively. This device can be use in office or work space. Every smart entrepreneur love to buy this device.

6. Bike Helmet with Hidden HD recording camera.

Safety is first. But, hidden HD recording camera will add some innovation while riding your bike with helmet. Many bike riders and vloggers love to buy your helmet with hidden camera.

You have to design your helmet in innovative style where camera is already inbuilt and easily control by pocket remote or switches. Also, add audio recording device into your device.

7. 24×7 Life improvement call center.

Most of all people are facing struggle in those personal and professional life. If you are well educated and easily judge or guide someone towards right path then, make a website and start 24×7 life improvement call center where you have to provide best advice to strangers who are in problem and stress.

Saving someones life is great work that you can do. Also, you have to charge some registration fees and set some disclaimer and terms of conditions.

8. 3D Graphic Design Content.

We all are bored with old design type images and loads of text contents. You can make infographics and creative images with 3D graphic design images and cliparts.

This type of images, medias, ebooks or web pages are easily sold to business owners, marketers, influencers and many more.

9. Innovative Electronic Book creation.

This is one best idea that you can implement in your style. To make electronic book you have to add USB memory device into real book.

In Memory device where you have to load audio version of book. Lazy people love to listen book while reading pages. So, they can easily concentrate to learn that book. For this business, you have to write 1000 pages Book and convert it into audio form. Start production and marketing.

10. Higher Education with Cartoon Videos.

Higher education with cartoon videos make sense to start a business in 2019. This can be very effective to teach your students with your cartoon videos.

Either you can hire cartoon video creator or do it by yourself. Set your courses, scripts and voice overs. Start making videos and sell it from your website or start online teaching membership website.

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