Now guys listen to this. You see the energetic and vibrant personality of Hajia Salamatu Baiwa? There is no any conceivable way or strategy that you will employ to discolor or tarnish her long built reputations that will ever work. It will always be dead on arrival. But tell me, why?

Let me tell you. It’s plain obvious and unarguably that this woman over the year has been busy building her self both politically and socially. She is a bridge builder, a role model ,a good example and an exceptionally genuine personality.

She has help alots of people today which mostly are the Igalas her tribe. And because of her philanthropical structure and kind gesture, people follow her decision irrespective of the outcome of the result. Perhaps, Is this not great?.

Most importantly, she is a woman, a lady and she has done parcel more than what some of our capable young men with opportunities that surpass hers fail to do.

Las Las, its truly paying her and I trust others will learn from her.

God Bless You Ma;

Devoid Of party affiliations and candidature belief sentiments, I think sometimes we need to face the truth and say it the way it is. Legacies that last a thousand years are mostly built by human capacity development. Thus, by equipping a group of persons with a means of livelihood places you on a sphere of even recognition for good that will last the test of time.

The DG Of NARSDA is equally someone who had the opportunity to build human capacities which in turn would have spoken for him at this point that he seem to have developed interest for political office.

How ever his story is different. The social media has been crying out in “BLOOD AND PAIN” the experiences of so many being dished out in no particular order but one that says of him not being patriotic enough as to get the mandate of the people of Kogi state in the forth coming elections.

Most of the reports so far are from a large number of young teaming graduates from his state whom have so far expressed their displeasure on how he had previously treated them when the came to him for assistance, some in the form of recommendation for a job opportunity and others vying to work at the organization where he currently heads.

This makes me say that building the youth is building yourself. For sure, he was never willing to take the risk some others took, rather he made enemies for himself with the wrong set of people, “THE YOUTH” whom today have decided that they will not see him become anything politically in their state, a reward of course for the way he treated all of them when they needed him.

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Cc: Am Gabriel Adaji

Akowe Fred Oma Jummai