The evolution of fashion and style is leaving nothing behind. Before now, gele tying was often snubbed by young people as a thing for “old” women. However, the wind of trendy change has changed the name of the game. Now, gele is no respecter of age or person: we all love it. This video demonstrates how to tie the avant garde gele.

Avant Garde Gele: Fancy Dandy

DIY: How To Tie The Avant Garde Gele

Looking like something straight of out of the 19th century, the avant garde gele style cannot be ignored. Basically, the gele material is carefully arranged to form a rose shape in front. It is unique and classy. To steal the spotlight at any event, this is your go-to style.

For an eclectic look, you can even mix colours and fabrics. In fact, there is no limit to how creative you can get with this style. Ultimately, the goal is to stand out beautifully