About Loversways.com

Loversways is an Outstanding Concept and a unique business, officially launched on April 30th 2019, where you can post Relationship content and share your experience how life has been with you and your partner, you as well earn from it.. You tell the world, you earn they learn.

it’s an idea of Gworldwide Entrepreneurs a cyber group organization that ventures into E-commerce marketing, with registration number 2680874 under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

Our vision is to contribute to global economic development and as an aid to Nigeria economic instability. However, the flexibility and legibility of our corporation principle made the success our of gift and talent earning website Giftalword.com within few months and still functioning progressively till date, with thousands of members making over 100 million Naira periodically. And having extended this to some neighborhood Africa and Europian countries like Ghana, England, Canada ,S/Africa, Sudan etc.

Our mission remain unchanged which is to eradicate poverty and pass through worthy value to coming generations. Under the crew managed by Mr Raji Ibrahim Aka Ebright (CEO) and his Crew.

How It works


You Purchase our premium Lover product worth N2000 to be A bonafied member.

Get (50%) N1000 referral bonus from your direct Referrals.

Get (25%) N500 Indirect bonus from your downlines referrals. Note you earn this forever even without doing any work.

You earn N300 for posting Good Content about relationship matters on the site.

You earn N500 as a Signup Bonus for joining us on Loversways .

You earn N2 for Commenting

You earn N2 for Viewing Articles

  1. You can cashout your post earning ones you hit Minimum threshold of N5000
  2. .You can also cashout your referrer Earnings Daily Ones you hit minimum threshold of N1500.
  3. Referring is Optional
  4. We have Good and outstanding product you can use for yourself and give other people around you to use and benefits too.
  5. All our products are essential for you everyday
  6. Its A Unique and innovative Concept
  7. You cashout Everyday .