About MTN Foundation

Our Vision
To be a leader in CSR initiatives in Nigeria measured by the impact and sustainability of our projects on our host communities.

Our Mission
To improve the quality of life in the area of Health, Education and Economic Empowerment on a sustainable basis.

Our objective are:

Alleviation of health challenges currently facing the country

Provision of access to educational opportunities

Facilitation of economic empowerment of Nigerian citizens

  • MTNF was incorporated in 2004 to drive MTNN’s various CSR initiatives commissioned in May 2005
  • Funded by up to 1% Profit After Tax from MTNN for projects
  • Over N18bn has been committed to MTNF projects to date
  • Over 550 MTNF project sites in 36 States including the FCT
  • Key focal areas developed in response to wide stakeholder engagement
  • In partnership with Government/multilateral agencies

Board of Directors

  • The major decision-making body of the MTN Foundation  is the Board of Directors which is guided by a charter which defines its aims, roles and powers.
  • A 9 member Board is appointed based on recommendations by MTNN Board. Members come with relevant experience that add value to the activities of the Foundation.
  • As part of its Governance structure, the Board currently has two committes constituted:
  • The Project Appraisal Committee is responsible for the appraisal and recommendation of viable and beneficial projects to the Board for consideration. The Committee also ensures the sustainability and effective monitoring of on-going projects.
  • The Audit Committee assists the Board in carrying out its responsibility of safeguarding the assets of the Foundation  in preparing the financial statements. The committee also ensures that effective controls are maintained in the financial and operational processes of the Foundation. In addition, the Foundation  engages the services of the firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers as external auditors.

MTN Foundation Science & Technology Scholarship Scheme
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