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Paidnews is not limited to reading News alone, it comprises of Paidnews Income program (PIP) where users earns for reading informative content on it. Members are paid every week for completing some simple tasks like login in daily, commenting on our updates and sharing some posts on social media, in short, users get paid for completing assigned tasks.

paidnews.com.ng is a Nigeria News platform that source for NEWS update from top Nigerian Newsmedia, bloggers and publishers.


  • Instant Registration Bonus = ₦100
  • Daily Login = ₦50
  • Sponsored Post Sharing = ₦100
  • Read News = ₦2
  • Comment on News = ₦4
  • Approved Submitted News = = ₦50
  • Referral Commission = ₦500.
  • Referral is NOT compulsory to Get Paid on Paid News.
  • Minimum withdrawal is ₦3000.

General update on paid news regarding payment

General update regarding payment

The PaidNews Platform management is aware of the complain of our platform members regarding payment options.

Many platform members complain that they submitted withdrawal request but weren’t paid. For this reason we suggest it wise to make some clarifications/explanation on how PaidNews payment is done. The clarification is as follow:

After receiving payout request submission for a week, the entries is divided into those with PaidNews activities earnings and those without referral bonus earnings.

The division of the entries is as follows:

(i) Platform members with referrals bonus earning of 1500 or more but whose PNAE is not up to 3k will be paid all their referral bonus earnings only and their PNAE earning will not be touched.

(ii) Platform members with referrals bonus earning of 1000 or more and PNAE up to 3k will be paid all their referral earning plus 1500 of their PNAE earning and the remaining PNAE earning will be wiped out. i.e. 1500 PNAE+1000 referrals bonus making the sum of 2500.

(iii) After paying the platform member under the options (i) and (ii) above, the remaining fund will be used to pay users with PNAE earning only starting with number 1 on the PNAE EARNING LEADERBOARD.

Starting from number 1, each platform members will be paid N1500 and the rest of the earnings will be wiped out.

This is done to allow the platform members below the leaderboard to move up and boost his/her chances of getting paid in the following week payment period.

The PNAE earning payment only will stop on the leaderboard position where the fund is exhausted.

Assuming we have 50k remaining to pay PNAE only after paying users that falls under the category i & ii above, this means that 33 platform members from number 1 to 33 on the leaderboard will be paid N1500 each and payment will stop on number 33.

Then platform member on number 34 will automatically become number 1 as soon as the no 1 to 33 has been paid. As such that of no 34 will become the next payable platform member in the next payment day and so on

If the platform members on number 1 however refuses to earn more and some other platform members earns more than him/her to the extent that he falls below the position where the fund available for the next payment period stops, such platform member might still need to wait more. So a platform member must keep earning to keep his/her position

Expatiating on issue of the funds we use to run the platform. For now our funds will solely come from selling of coupon codes for registration.

The registration coupon code sells for N1000. N100 for instant registration, Vendors take N100 naira profit for their vendorship service on each code sold. N500 goes to the referrals, it is the accumulation of the remaining N300 that is use to pay PNAE earning. The higher the number of new platform member that register within a week, the more the money we have to make payment for that week and the lower the number of people that register within a week, the lower the amount of fund available to us to make payment for that week.

The alternative means of funds for payment is the money we make from Google Adsense. For those not familiar with the way adsense work, here are some explanations:

Every Google Adsense earn within a month is remitted every 21st of the following month i.e if Paidnews make $200dollar from the 1st of April to the 30th April. That $200dollar will be paid out to us on the 21st of May. Earnings made from the 1st of May to the 31st of May will be paid out on the 21st of June. In addition, the minimum threshold Google Adsense pays out is $100. What this means is that if Paidnews earning from the 1st of April to the 30th of April is $99.99. We will not receive any payment on the 21st of May. When our earnings for the month of May is now added to the earnings made in April and is up to 100$, we will then be paid all the earnings for both April and may on the 21st of June. As such anytime we receive Google Adsense payment, it will be used to pay PNAE earning starting from the position on the leaderboard where the coupon code PNAE earning only payment fund is exhausted. So once the Google Adsense fund keeps coming in every month, we will have more money to pay more Platform members.

Meanwhile earning more on Google Adsense depends on the number of platform members we commands and how much the platform members clicks on the advert that Google displayed. However Google does not condone reckless clicking of their ads. Any website found of reckless or organized clicking of ads is bound to be banned from using their Adsense service.

Going by the explanations above, I want to endeavor you platform members of Paidnews to exercise patient because patience is the key to successful income. If we are patient enough, we can earn more than we expected in our platform from Google Adsense to make our platform members earning robust every end of the month

Please sir’s and Ma’s try to know that, the happiness of the management of Paidnews is to see all our platform members happy and the platform grows. But the fact is we can’t actually perform beyond our power we need your team work and cooperation to invite more people and clicks on our Ads that’s interests you amongst all ads displayed on our platform.
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