Paysnation is a scam website run from them


Paysnation  is an on line facts aggregation and people that focal point on turning in curated, relevant and modern-day news objects that we agree with are of hobby to majority from top dependable resources, focusing to Nigerians based totally totally domestically and Diaspora on Issues, politics, entertainment, training and lots of more.

Powered by means of PAYSNATION MEDIA HUB

with a registered organisation variety

Technically, it’s now easy to study modern-day facts exchange from pinnacle assets in one channel as Paysnation  unleashed.

We made this platform specific to grant the maximum current and the ultimate minute headlines available.

We supply news by using using publishers, bloggers, and individuals from severa sources which includes pinnacle Nigerian Newspapers like The Guardian, Vanguard newspapers, ChannelsTv and other pinnacle on line information portal, blogs and distinct various sources.

We also have a corporate social obligation efforts that cowl advertisements revenue sharing and affiliate machine for its member to earn residual profits on-line on daily  basis.

How Paysnation  works

welcome to Nigeria number 1 information media

Paysnation  was launched in order to curb poverty and give the Time we spend online to be meaningful to us.

What do I mean here

Paysnation  was created to help internet users make use of they time wisely Online and in same time get DUELY reward for it

Paysnation  is not a copied idea it was launched to help unemployed, students, stay at home parents and so on to make extra cash From home.

We all know Nigeria economy is not getting any better so we need to double our hustle and not solely depend on salary

With us at least 20,000 or more than is sure weekly

How we work

We have two membership levels

You can purchase any of your choice.

Our Registration fees is 1. N1200 Which is for lite members
And once  the package  is purchased with your referral link you earn N600  as affiliate commission

2. N1500 which is for premium members

And once the package is purchased with your referral link you earn N1200  as affiliate commission.

1. N200 as a welcome bonus

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5 play game and earn

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7 N600 and 1200 when you refer.

In Paysnation  referral is not compulsory

While we pay those with referral on Tuesdays s and thursdays

So the withdrawal Form will. Be out on Monday and Wednesdays respectively

We pay those without referral on Saturday’s.

While the withdrawal form will. Be out on Friday’s

Minimum payout is N1,500

It’s really time you double Your hustle with us and get DUELY reward for it

We are striving to get to the minimum unemployment rate in Nigeria

So with your smartphone at the comfort of your home you could be earning with us and get paid for it

Who Can Participate and Why You Should Join PAYSNATION  media Program

Anyone with daily expenses can take part in the Program. It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online. Take advantage of your Facebook friends, Twitter, WhatsApp, phone contacts, and stop wasting your precious time online.

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Keep in mind though that you must have an entrepreneurial spirit and positive mindset. Affiliate and online business are not for everyone. But, if you like the idea of breaking away from financial bondage in this country, working and making money in the comfort of your home or wherever you are, owning your own business and growing your business at your own pace, then becoming PAYSNATION
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