About piggyvest.com

PiggyVest (formerly piggybank.ng) is the largest online savings & investing platform in Nigeria.
For over 3 years, our customers have saved and invested billions of Naira that they would normally be tempted to spend.

What is AutoSave™ in PiggyVest?

This feature allows you to set auto-debits from your debit card to your PiggyVest savings automatically until you reach your target.

You can set it to daily, weekly or monthly. You can also set the amount and the exact hour you want the funds to leave your bank account to PiggyVest wallet.

What is Quick Save™ in PiggyVest?

This option basically enables you to add more funds to your Piggybank™ savings. For example, if you set N1,000 daily and you miss a day or two, you can use the quick save option to deposit ₦2,000 or ₦3,000 at once. This is to ensure you meet up with your savings target.

You can add up to ₦200,000 at once with this option. However, you can add this multiple times in a single day.

About Withdrawals On Piggybank™

The main savings feature on PiggyVest is called Piggybank™. Piggybank™ is strict. You can withdraw for FREE only on your set Withdrawal dates on your Piggybank™. You can set your own FREE withdrawal day OR you can use PiggyVest’s 4 fixed FREE withdrawal dates every year by default. 

You can withdraw anytime you want, however to ensure there’s discipline and you don’t withdraw carelessly, withdrawing outside your withdrawal day attracts a 5% breaking fee on the amount you are withdrawing from your Piggybank™.

How to Withdraw on PiggyVest

Enter Amount to Withdraw

Enter the specific amount you want to withdraw at the point in time, make sure it’s correct and enter your PiggyVest password.

Money is Transferred

As soon as the withdraw button is clicked, your funds would be sent instantly (in most cases) to your connected bank account