About Racxe.com

Racxe.com is at the forefront of innovative, simple and fair online gaming. We have worked tirelessly to create an intelligent, user-driven interface that will ensure you can enjoy an online gaming experience like no other. Every stake you place with us is secured through our novel randomness generation technique. You may submit your own seed, or leave it blank. Your stake will receive a unique ID in a smart contract, which will be signed by our server with a predetermined private key. This signature will then be passed back to the smart contract before being verified that the correct secret signing key was used. The contract will then derive a deterministic random number from the signature, which will be used to resolve your stake.

How it works

Racxe is a platform where players play games to win a certain amount of money.. you can play for free and make money and also play with money as that increases your chances of winning big.. the higher your stake, the higher your reward.

Is it free to join?

Yes. It is absolutely free to join Playjoor community.

Am i winning real money?

Yes of course, all winnings no matter how big or small is definitely withdrawable

What type of games can i play on racxe?

Currently, you can play Whot,and other simple indoor games. Other games and other skilled games will be added as the platform expands, mostly based on community feedback

Can i play on a mobile phone/tablet?

Yes. Our site is very much optimized for mobile phones and tablets, we also have mobile apps coming soon for your devices

Are there any extra charges attached?

There are no extra charges attached to racxe.. Just play a game,win & withdraw your winnings

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal on racxe is ₦5,000