In this society in which we live in is known to be very much forward but still, we feel ashamed talking about urine but some of you even don’t see that it tells about our health that it is fit or we are in any significant problem. Color or odor of your urine describes that what we eat in full day or how much our healthy our lifestyle is. Even it describes our water consuming capacity for each day. Many times we also are not known for our internal diseases.

UC San Diego Health says that our urine is 95% made of our water in the body and left 5% consist of other things like chloride, sodium, and urea. Old red cells present in our body and when they break down these produce Urobilim, and this makes most common color of urine is yellow.

So it is essential to take care of your health and live life longer. It can only happen when you notice your body as like color of your urine. Do not take tension; we are here to give you information related to urine. Have attention on these following color of urine:


Urine that is transparent in color according to UC San Diego Health exclaims that the person is over-hydrated. This cause does not have direct concern but over-dehydration can dilute your body essential required salts, and it can create a problem of imbalance in the circulation of blood.


UC San Diego Health tells that these people are healthy and have the well-hydrated body. They are ordinary does not have any problem.


People having urine color yellow are perfectly healthy and does not have any problem related to their body. Their abdomen is working correctly and have the well-hydrated body. UC San Diego Health proves all this.


These people are also considered to be healthy with good health, but still, they may be little dehydrated. So they should hydrate them self by drinking water. UC San Diego Health also says it.


People with urine color honey or amber are said to be dehydrated, and they should hydrate them self by drinking more water quantity. But in  UC San Diego Health, there is a nephrologist she exclaims that you should drink water when you are thirsty not merely to make your self-hydrated, but it is wrong you should drink water either you are thirsty or not because this color can cause the severe problem in future.


According to UC San Diego Health that it is a concerned problem that if you have red color of your urine. Presence of red color in your urine can cause the occurrence of hematuria. So show your self to the doctor because it causes the infection like a kidney stone or even tumor in your urinary system. It shows sign of having the problem with prostates.


UC San Diego Health says that sometimes medications and food dyes can produce the blue color in your urine. Even it could occur due to rare metabolism disorder familial hypercalcemia that is blue diaper syndrome. It occurs due to the intestinal breakdown of tryptophan. Consult the physician in case of blue color in urine.


Do not worry because brown or black color of urine can cause due to medications, aloe, and fava beans. But according to UC San Diego Health, it is a problem to worry because this color in urine can cause due to the poisoning of copper or phenol. Consult your doctor immediately as it will be controlled in starting.

So these were color of your urine and problems that occur due to this color. Cure your issues before that infection spread in the body.