Which way Nigeria?
Let’s stop the blame game and quit the things that are lame
A problem spotted they say is half solved
It is not their, his or her fault,
The fault that got us here is collective.
Let’s move from the blames to more important task of nation building.
We quit doing what is wrong and start building a nation that is strong.
To vote is your civic duty, to pray for our land your moral duty
I vow to start doing that which is right, it is no longer my place to pass the buck
We stand up to our oppressors, and expose all their suppressions.
Be accountable for that which is in your care,
Do more than it is expected of you.
Nigeria is our country, we have none else
We must ensure she fulfills her potential
Be the change, preach the change and do the change
It is more effective to convince with doing, than preaching vain words.
I pledge to Nigeria my country
I will not do a thing to harm her pride
I will do all I can to plead her case
I will be the best I can and my strength shall be her glory
I will be a player as we seek to change her story
Be the change, be the change you want to see
Change the man in the mirror and our nation will mirror the change
I am done blaming, I now start building
I will vote without asking to be paid
I will pray to God our leaders guide
I will help our youths the truth to know
Which way nigeria, it’s time to chart a new course
We can’t continue to live like the accused
So everyone in here, rise and say with me…
Nigeria is my country, I will give my best to her.
Check this story out
Once upon a time
In this same land called Nigeria
Our fathers felt nothing but hysteria
They had dreams and hopes
They rode on the back of the motherland
Some of them were paid to go to school
And job was certain after being schooled
Their manners and creed were great to behold
There was peace and contentment in the land.
They married and were given in marriage early
They had their kids in health and wealth
The hospitals functioned as they were meant
Free education their children all enjoyed
None had to take with him desks and chairs
University students had 3 course meals.
When we struck black gold farming was gone
Everyone wore a tie our blessings have come
Then we started craving for what didn’t work for
By all means we want what we can’t afford
Our lexicon changed we got new words
419, corruption, nepotism and a lot
Our leaders are conniving they trade ours for theirs
They have killed the nation, a giant turned dwarf
Which was nigeria for how long will you be crippled?
We have to work to rise and to rise we work
We must stop those who hate us from leading us to doom
We must love one another and work at the loom
We create our patterns whatever we want
This is our land we just can’t give up
We have to kill corruption before it kills us
We must stop decadence, degradation and degeneration
We must exterminate tribalism and nepotism
Redemption is near, it is only far if we fail to work
Nigeria is blessed enough to safe us, but we all first need to save her.