XtreamKash Income is a platform Created to Sort out all Your Financial struggles!
This is not a site where You read news,comment or Share Sponsored Post To Earn, its actually a site where You watch Monetized Videos and get paid for it, We are partnering with Youtube to monetize all video content Used as tasks for registered members and In Return Reward our Users/members for carrying out each task! We are also using Our channel and platform To promote raw talents out there and reward wiñners with cash prizes as from time to time we would be putting up competitions for musicians, dancers, actors and other talents applaudàble!
So you just don’t make money on our site/channel, You can as well “blow” for participating in our sponsored competition!


First of àll we have two packages/plan you can sign up for!

1• Lite Plan ( Registration fee N500)

2• Premium Plan(Registration fee N2000)

How does the lite plan works?

Lite plan requires a one time registration fee of N500

•You get N5 For each short clip video you watch

•You get N30 For video of the day

•You get cash prizes ranging from N2000 to N10000 for Sponsored task or competition You participate in

• You get N200 for each basic member you refer or invite to join Xtreamkash Income!

• You get N700 for each premium member You Refer or Invite to Join XtreamKash Income!

• Everyday Is Pay Day For XtreamKashers, We Pay out To members everyday wether you refer or not as long as You have up the Minimum Withdrawal Threesold Of N2500 in your dashbaord,you can cash out your earnings and be paid within 24 hrs!

• All Earnings are paid directly to the bank account you submitted.

2 •• PREMIUM PLAN ( It Requires a one time sign up fee of N2000)

• You get N10 for each Video You watch

• You get N50 For Video of the day

•You get cash prizes ranging from N2000 to N10000 for participating in a sponsored task or competition

• You get N250 For Each basic member You Refer

• You get N1200 for each premium member You Refer

•All Earnings would be paid directly To Your bank account Submitted

• Everyday is pay day as long as you have up to N2500 in your dashboard, Yoi can cash out your Earnings and get paid within 24 hrs

• 100% Payment guaranteed For Non-referrals!


• Xtreamkash is not a read news and earn site where you get to read ,read and at the end of the day you weren’t paid

• There is no discrimination between referrals and non-referrals as both are allowed to withdraw when they reach minimum threesold(Ñ2500)

• Xtreamkash Pays all your Earnings in full, Whatever you have in your dashboard is what you are paid

•XtreamKash Pays non-referrals 100% guaranteed

• Xtreamkash Realize Revenue From Youtube as they are in partnership with Youtube to monetized all videos Used às tasks To members

• Xtreamkash is not of those platforms that promises you heaven and Earth just to entice you and end up not being able to pay accumulated Earnings, We are cutting Our coat according to the material Hence your payment is sure along as you do your tasks!

So You Just Need As Little as N500 to get started!